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We seek 1776 donors who can commit at least $100 each towards the statue of American patriot, Thomas Paine set for early 2012 in Fort Lee's Monument Park. Catch the Spirit of '76 and join us to honor this patriot who wrote of his time in Fort Lee, NJ in 1776 in "The American Crisis." All donations accepted in any amount. Those donating $500 and above will have their names placed on a permanent plaque to be placed near the statue.

Checks can be made payable to:
Tom Paine/V.F.W. Account

Send checks to:
Fort Lee Office of Cultural & Heritage Affairs
309 Main Street, Fort Lee, NJ 07024


November 20, 2012

Dear Thomas Paine Statue Contributor:

On this, the 236th anniversary of General Washington�s Retreat to Victory from Fort Lee, NJ (November 20, 1776) all of us at the Fort Lee Common Sense Society wish to let you know our Thomas Paine statue project is moving along very nicely. When we started fundraising for this project the economy fell off a cliff and we faced the worst economic situation since the Great Depression. However the good news is our fundraising continued through this time and we have since raised 3/4 of the $128,000 needed for this project. We are confident we will secure the last 1/4 of our fundraising goal in the next several months.

The progress of the statue has not hinged on fundraising as our sculptor, David Frech of Beacon, New York, has prepared models, which we have seen during our visits to his Beacon studio. The models are tremendous � I have enclosed a copy of a photo of the model. Mr. Frech is also at work on a large project for the Washington National Cathedral that was ahead of our project and has taken more time than originally expected and thus our completion date is also later than expected. Once that project is completed Mr. Frech will move from our models of Thomas Paine to full time work on our statue project, at which point we will inform you of the estimated completion date. Rest assured we will keep all of our donors informed and all of you will be invited to the unveiling of what we are sure will be the finest statue to patriot Thomas Paine in the world. The placement of this statue in Fort Lee�s Monument Park, where Paine was stationed as a part of American army, will give great historic meaning to this work of art.
Once again, thanks for your kind donation and all of us at the Fort Lee Common Sense Society wish you a very Happy Holiday season.

All the best,

James Viola Tom Meyers
Common Sense Society Chairman Common Sense Society Secretary

Email us at:
Visit us at:

c/o Tom Meyers
309 Main Street
Fort Lee, NJ 07024
(201) 693-2763
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