John Quincy Adams Fellowship

John Quincy Adams Fellowship

Coming in 2023
Old Town Alexandria, VA

The John Quincy Adams Fellowship is a nine-month-long program that examines the fundamentals of American grand strategy, the realities of great power competition across multiple theaters of conflict, and the asymmetrical foreign threats to freedom and prosperity. Issues explored include isolationism and alliances, foreign commerce and economic warfare, political development and human rights, public diplomacy and strategic influence, as well as means and ends in land, sea, air, cyber, and space.

Intended for mid-career foreign policy professionals who are U.S. citizens, its purpose is to provide participants with the opportunity to explore these issues in cooperation with other similarly situated practitioners under the guidance of leading American economic, diplomatic, military, and intelligence officials.

The program consists of two retreats and a series of monthly off-the-record dinner conversations. It is unpaid and non-residential, but all materials, accommodations, and meals during the fellowship will be provided by Common Sense Society.

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