Our Work

The problems facing our nation will not be solved overnight or in one election cycle. But they will be addressed if we as competent and engaged citizens follow a Tocquevillian model to rebuild our local foundations. This starts with education and civic engagement. Over the past three years, we have launched several projects that are working toward this end: an engaged citizenry that refuses to rely on the federal government or its think tanks to bring about the reform that is needed here in the West.

K-12 Education

We provide lesson plans and professional development for public, private, and homeschool use. Teachers can supplement existing curricula with our American Civics Project materials. We also offer a new comprehensive, regulatory compliant curriculum for public charter and private school networks.

Higher Education Reform

We have briefed provosts, board members, and department deans at more than 100 universities to renew a sense of academic inquiry and excellence in the country’s leading universities, including Harvard, Cornell, University of Pennsylvania, University of Virginia, University of North Carolina, and others.

Civic Engagement Groups

Our locally focused civic engagement initiatives are fueled by our alumni network and talent pipeline. We identify leaders for local civic engagement who leverage local expertise and relationships to scale for impact through public events, media campaigns, network advocacy, and legal funds.


Common Sense Society fellowships offer recent graduates, graduate students, and young professionals the opportunity to study the principles of liberty, prosperity, and beauty with leading scholars in social, respectful environments. In addition to general fellowships, we will also offer specialized fellowships on subjects such as foreign policy and grand strategy.

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