Common Sense Society Welcomes Competitive Inaugural Internship Class

January 17, 2024

Common Sense Society (CSS), an international nonprofit educational network, is pleased to welcome our inaugural internship class. Geared toward attracting top talent, five superlative individuals were selected from over five hundred applicants through a highly competitive process. Three will be based in the U.S., and two will support the work of Common Sense Society in Budapest, Hungary.

Over the next three months, this ambitious group will gain invaluable experience in environments that foster academic excellence, leadership potential, and a commitment to liberty, prosperity, and beauty. They will have the chance to showcase their skills by taking on special projects within collaborative and team-oriented settings, bringing their fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to routine organizational challenges.

“CSS is committed to nurturing talent, promoting critical thinking, and fostering a spirit of innovation among our interns,” said Liz Stiff, Chief Strategy Officer at Common Sense Society. “We look forward to empowering these exceptional individuals by providing them with a unique opportunity to work alongside industry professionals and make a tangible impact.”

As we welcome the spring 2024 class, we are accepting applications for a wide range of internships for the summer and fall terms: 

Summer 2024: June 4 – August 27
Fall 2024: September 23 – December 16

Applicants are encouraged to submit their resumes, along with a cover letter highlighting their motivation and suitability for the program, through the online portal available here.

The program is open to college students, recent graduates, and young professionals. Selected interns will be offered a weekly commute stipend to facilitate their participation in the program and will have the opportunity to connect and network with influential professionals within the CSS network. Apply today or share this opportunity with a young leader you know.

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