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The Greatest Danger Facing Israel Right Now Is Not What You Think

November 2, 2023


A spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces recently told me that Israel isn’t just waging a ground war in Gaza. It’s also fighting an information war globally. Despite perpetrating the worst murder of Jews since the Holocaust, Israel’s enemies want to paint it as the true murderer for daring to respond with military force. They hope to isolate Israel – a key element to its potential defeat. Western leaders and institutions must foil that plot, which requires summoning far more moral clarity than they have to date.

Isolation is the greatest immediate danger facing Israel. It would deprive the country of the money and material that are key to destroying Hamas and fending off attacks from Hezbollah and other Iranian proxies, and perhaps Iran itself. Isolation would also lead to strong and sustained pressure on Israel to reach a ceasefire or otherwise ends its military response to the October 7 atrocities. Either way, the terrorists win, all but ensuring their ability to launch another – and likely even deadlier – attack on Israeli soil.

Marion Smith is the president and CEO of the Common Sense Society.

Originally published in Fox News.

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