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Love Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion—or Else

March 25, 2023


A decade ago, when I returned to university in my home state of Queensland to train as a teacher, a curious and somewhat mysterious character began to manifest itself in all my coursework.

Beloved of lecturers, ‘Diversity’ was his name, and his patronage seemed pre-built into every aspect of my study.

Diversity was a funny fellow and a hard one to define, other than to say that he probably wasn’t a fellow at all. The mysterious character in fact seemed to be a totem for any student, teacher, or community member that wasn’t straight, white, and male.

You had to love diversity. And I mean, you had to love diversity! If you didn’t, or if you merely forgot to accommodate her/ze/zem/xir/xerox in a lesson plan, then you weren’t bloody well passing…

Ben Crocker is a research fellow at Common Sense Society, in Washington, D.C. His Substack is Crocker’s Columns.

Originally published in Spectator Australia.

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