Ukrainian and American soldiers train together near Yavoriv, Ukraine in 2017 (7th Army Training Command / flickr).
April 19, 2023| Member Event | Washington, D.C.

Ukraine’s Battlefield: What are the Options for Sustained U.S. Engagement?

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Event Overview

Please join us for an in-depth luncheon conversation with Piotr Trabinski and Chris Bedford (brief bios below), moderated by Common Sense Society President and C.E.O., Marion Smith.
Our speakers will offer insights on the war’s strategic significance, as well as its economic, military, diplomatic, and geopolitical consequences. First, we will examine Russia and Ukraine’s military activities and point out how this war differs from others. We will assess both countries’ challenges and consider the multiple possibilities ahead for the United States. Should we prepare for peace and reconstruction while continuing to provide military assets? In light of battlefield realities, how do we gauge public support here, and in Europe? What tools can the international community implement to change the trajectory of the war other than sanctions?

We ask you to schedule ninety minutes for this event to allow for a robust exchange of thoughts and ideas after our speakers have presented. RSVP by April 14 to Alex Pack at


This is part of our Common Sense Conversation Series. It is exclusive to CSS members and invited guests and will take place on April 19 at 12:00. Not a member yet? Explore our membership options today. 

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