The Political Life of Jesus

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We often hear that Jesus was a revolutionary and a political radical of his age, but do the Gospels actually support such a political framing of his life? How can the highly political death of this deeply spiritual figure be explained? Why was Jesus—who said “I judge no one”—put to death for a political crime? Was the death of Jesus, who challenged the terrain of human power, political in essence?

Dr. David Lloyd Dusenbury is an acclaimed philosopher, historian of ideas, and author of I Judge No One: A Political Life of Jesus. He joined Common Sense Society members in Hungary earlier in 2023, and we were delighted to host him again in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia for a book talk on Thursday, December 7. He shared a modern philosophical account of the political life of Jesus based on the earliest narratives of his life, the Gospels, and their later interpretations. We also explored the impact foundational Christian texts have had on the axioms of Western political thought today, especially when we reflect on the human condition.


Old Town Alexandria, VA

Featured Speaker

A photo of David Lloyd Dusenbury, Ph.D.

David Lloyd Dusenbury, Ph.D.

Dr. David Lloyd Dusenbury is a philosopher and historian of ideas. He is a visiting professor at Vita-Salute San Raffaele University in Milan and a senior visiting fellow at the Danube Institute in Budapest. With a Ph.D. from the University of Leuven, he has held positions at Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Eötvös Loránd University. He has lectured widely in Europe on topics in philosophy, religion, and the history of ideas. His books include I Judge No One: A Political Life of Jesus, Platonic Legislations, and The Innocence of Pontius Pilate. His essays and criticism have appeared in The Times Literary Supplement, Corriere della Serra, American Affairs, and other cultural and political reviews.

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