Teacher Workshop: The Architecture of Democracy

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Common Sense Society’s teacher workshops introduce educators to high-quality supplemental resources for classroom use. At this teacher workshop, artist-in-residence and faculty member Michael Curtis introduced participants to CSS’s curricular supplement The Architecture of Democracy, which provides essays on classical and Modernist architecture, as well as a short documentary on the history of government architecture in Washington, D.C. By looking at examples of different types of government buildings, monuments, and memorials, this curricular supplement asks students to think about the future of civic design in the nation’s capital. You can preview the module here. Thanks to generous donor support, CSS offered this teacher workshop to participants free of charge. 

As a complement to this teacher workshop, Curtis offered a short tour of some of D.C.’s monuments and memorials on October 21.

CSS’s teacher workshops are intended for educators at all levels but especially for middle school, high school, and homeschool educators seeking to cultivate higher levels of civic literacy. Educators who teach history, social studies, government, or economics are a natural fit, but the program also attracts educators with expertise in different content areas, including STEM, literature, and the performing arts. All educators, regardless of specialty, are encouraged to register and attend.

Common Sense Society members are also encouraged to attend.

Questions regarding the CSS’s teacher workshops can be directed to education programs manager Petria Hoffpauir at petria@commonsensesociety.org.


116-124 King Street,
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A photo of Michael Curtis

Michael Curtis


Michael Curtis is the artist-in-residence at Common Sense Society. He is a sculptor, painter, historian, architectural designer and poet. He has taught and lectured at universities, colleges, and museums, including the Institute for Classical Architecture and Art, the College for Creative Studies, and the National Gallery of Art. His pictures and statues are housed in over three hundred private and public collections, including the Library of Congress, the National Portrait Gallery, and the Supreme Court. His plays, essays, verse and translations have been published in over thirty journals. His most recent nonfiction books include, Occasional Poetry: How to Write Poems for Any Occasion, and The Classical Architecture and Monuments of Washington, D.C.: A History and Guide. 

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