The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. wwwuppertal/Flickr.

What Covid Did To Evangelicalism, Hamas Did To The Democratic Party

December 19, 2023

Their successors will battle for the soul of America


It is a strange fact of human life that social movements and institutions we know to be lifeless and rotten within sometimes stumble on long after they have expired, as if everything is fine. Nothing to see here. All is well. Then seemingly from nowhere, they receive a little nudge, and their entire edifice falls to the ground, embarrassing their leaders, who had assured us that everything was under control, and confusing the laity. What once seemed secure and unmovable collapses into a heap of debris. From the ruins, bits can be saved and repurposed, but the original cannot be rebuilt. It is over. 

Joshua Mitchell is a senior fellow at Common Sense Society.

Read the full article in Common Sense Society’s Substack.

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