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How the New Yellow Journalism is Destroying Itself, and Laying the Seeds for a New Citizen Journalism

November 17, 2023


You’ve likely heard the name Andy Ngo. An award-winning citizen journalist, Andy is everything corporate media pretends to be: intellectually curious, relentless, and courageous. He’s suffered brutal beatings, death threats, and constant harassment from the Antifa political terrorists simply for daring to report on their violence. The threats follow him wherever he goes. I experienced this first hand earlier this fall, when Common Sense Society and The Virginia Council hosted him at our inaugural Virginia Forum, and we were forced to relocate when two venues in a row caved to Antifa’s threats of violence. 

You’d think the legacy media would rally to the defense of a brave journalist like Andy Ngo. You’d think they’d use their perch to decry the “death of free journalism.” He is, after all, one of them—and intimidation, violence, or censorship against one is supposedly a danger to the freedoms of them all.

They haven’t spoken up, of course. And that’s not surprising, given their sharp turn from the principles they espouse. It doesn’t fit “the narrative,” in which only “deplorable” Americans commit insurrection or spread disinformation. The warriors for racial justice and social equity, on the other hand, conduct “mostly peaceful” protests—and all for good reason, of course.

Austin Stone is the chief operating officer of Common Sense Society.

Read the full article at Townhall.

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