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The Reason University Efforts to Root Out Antisemitism Will Fail

November 16, 2023

Same cancer that’s sparked race riots in the U.S. drives pro-Hamas rallies on our campuses


On the morning of Oct. 6, American college students went to class, teachers taught lessons and all seemed well enough on the surface. The following day, after news of Hamas terrorists’ mass murders, rapes, torture and kidnappings spread, those campuses suddenly became hotbeds of terrorist sympathy and overt displays of antisemitism.

Americans were shocked our college kids could come out on the side of genocide, but we shouldn’t have been. The students dressing up as terrorists and demanding to know reporters’ ethnicities the week of Oct. 9 are the same kids walking to class the week of Oct. 2. 

They’d been primed; taught lies and false narratives, by the universities themselves – and so far, no school has even begun to take the steps necessary to root the hatred out.


The same cancer that’s sparked race riots in the United States drives pro-Hamas rallies on our campuses. The same simplistic worldview that turns morality on its head and kicks common sense to the curb here, is taken to its terrible conclusion in the Israel-Hamas war.

Christopher Bedford is the executive editor of Common Sense Society.

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