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Ohio, Virginia and Other Key States, Races That Will Give You a Preview of Elections in 2024

November 7, 2023

Let’s take a deep dive into key races and issues in Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio. And let’s not forget the school board races…


Election Day 2023 has finally arrived. Here’s a look at what’s at stake in states and races around the country this year and what the outcomes in these states could mean for the presidential election and others this time next year. 

Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s Virginia is ground-zero of the 2023 elections. Going into Election Day, Democrats control the Senate 22-4, and Republicans hold the State House, 48-46 (with six vacancies).

Youngkin won election two years ago largely by keeping the race local (i.e. parental rights in school, grocery store bills) and dodging national issues (i.e. former President Donald Trump), but has overseen divided government his whole tenure, hamstringing his most ambitious policy goals. His 2021 victory caught the attention of Republican mega-donors, who are long weary of the former president’s hold on the Grand Old Party, but “The Virginia Model” –and Youngkin’s political future–will be put to the test Tuesday.

Democrats across the country have worked to make abortion the top issue on ballots, and Virginia is no different. Youngkin has proposed a moderate 15-week ban (putting his state behind Germany and Italy’s 12-week bans, for example, and France and Spain’s 14-week bans), but needs Republicans to hold the House and take the Senate to achieve it. Understanding the stakes, he’s tried to shift Republicans toward early voting, and poured millions of his national fundraising into the races.

Christopher Bedford is the executive editor at Common Sense Society.

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