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The Difference Between the Left and Right, in One Arraignment

April 5, 2023


In perhaps the least surprising twist of the past seven years, they finally got him: Former President Donald Trump was formally arraigned Tuesday while hundreds of Resistance members camped gleefully outside with their cameras and press passes.

We knew they’d eventually get this day, and he knew they would too; it’s one of the many reasons he moved his operation from hostile New York City to friendly Florida in 2019. Some version of this was always going to happen.

Trump left office four years after now-Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer threatened that American intelligence agencies would get “back” at him. During those four years, he’d suffered through Russiagate, Mueller-obstructiongate, Ukrainegate, and Post Officegate, with a sprinkling of kids-in-cagesgate. Having flown back to Palm Beach, he was greeted by take-home-docugate and the reanimated corpse of Stormygate.

Christopher Bedford is the executive editor of the upcoming magazine, Common Sense. Follow him on Twitter.

Originally published in The Federalist.

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