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The Year America’s Basic Systems Started to Crumble

February 6, 2023


Chaos in Washington, madness at the airport, holiday hangovers: The first month of 2023 was familiar enough. What might seem less familiar to Americans, however, are the cracks appearing in our walls.

Sure, Americans have long felt a decline—maybe a few shifts in the foundations; the yearly polls on trust in major institutions reflect that well enough. You might hear an uncle who says, “Wall Street’s a bunch of crooks!” or a neighbor who notices, “Washington politicians are only in it for themselves,” or even an old classmate who thinks, “Colleges are just a bunch of crazy activists these days,” but the complaints largely ended with the complaints themselves. Everything still worked well enough.

Christopher Bedford is the executive editor of the upcoming magazine, Common Sense. Follow him on Twitter.

Originally published in The Federalist.

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