Common Sense in the United Kingdom

October 21, 2022

CSS celebrates successful launch of new national branch in the U.K.

We’re pleased to share that Common Sense Society (CSS) has officially opened our national branch in the United Kingdom. On October 20, 2022, we hosted a private reception in London where CSS–UK director Emma Webb welcomed members, alumni, and special guests to participate in the first formal salon.

CSS president and C.E.O. Marion Smith told the story of CSS’s founding in 2009, summarized our fundamental values, and laid out the mission of CSS–UK—to advance liberty, prosperity, and beauty in Great Britain. 

Lady Scruton, CSS trustee and wife of CSS founding advisor Sir Roger Scruton, shared her pride in seeing a national branch officially open its presence in the U.K., as well as her expectation that CSS–UK will continue the legacy of her late husband. 

Theodore Dalrymple, the Orwell of our time, also shared his observations on the state of CSS’s core values in the U.K. and the Western world, emphasizing the need for liberty, prosperity, and beauty if we want to promote human flourishing. 

We were honored to spend the evening with new and old friends, toasting to the launch of Common Sense Society in the United Kingdom. Do you want to be involved with CSS–UK? We’d love to hear from you and let you know about upcoming events, membership opportunities, academic fellowships, and more. Subscribe for updates at the bottom of this page, or reach out to us directly here.

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