Inauguration of CSS–HU’s Andrássy Salon

September 16, 2022

On Friday, September 16, Common Sense Society–Hungary (CSS–HU) inaugurated its new home in Budapest, the beautiful Andrássy Salon, followed by an evening discussion with CSS trustee Lady Scruton moderated by CSS president and C.E.O. Marion Smith. Participants then had the pleasure of listening to J.S. Bach Suites’ Preludes, performed by cellist Dénes Molnár. The evening concluded with informal conversation accompanied by delicious food from a local, organic farm. Find out more about CSS–HU.

What did we discuss?

Lady Scruton shared her story of establishing Sundey Hill Farm with her late husband, Sir Roger Scruton. This led to a discussion about creating a “place of somewhere”—how are the ideas of cultivation, property, community, and conservation interconnected?  

What may we conclude?

Drawing on her experiences in farming and conservation, Lady Scruton concluded that harmful environmental regulations and subsidies are destroying beautiful landscapes and livelihoods. Instead, local community initiatives could help create places that people recognize as a shared home that is worth their care and stewardship.

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