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Common Sense Society Launches Canada Branch and #ForFreedom Campaign Supporting Canadian Truckers

February 18, 2022

International Ad Campaign and Petition Drive Aim to Make Citizens’ Voices Heard Above Partisan Politics.

WASHINGTON, D.C.Common Sense Society (CSS), a leading international nonprofit promoting liberty, prosperity, and beauty, as well as the virtues of open debate and freedom of speech, announced its new Canadian branch and #ForFreedom campaign today in support of the growing movement of Canadian truckers—the Freedom Convoy—and other entrepreneurs, farmers, teachers, and parents exercising their right to freedom of expression by peacefully protesting government mandates and restrictions.

The advertising campaign, #ForFreedom, will be promoted in both U.S. and Canadian markets. The launch coincides with the debut of Common Sense Society Canada—the latest international branch of the growing network. In light of the Trudeau government’s crackdown against free expression and peaceful dissent, CSS worked quickly with existing alumni and partners in Canada to establish a foothold in Ottawa, connecting proponents of free expression with one another.

See the campaign’s petition and feature video about prosperity, and learn more about the #ForFreedom movement at

“Common Sense Society stands with those who want to exercise their rights, work as they wish, and enjoy the fruits of their labor—all of which bring prosperity to nations” notes CSS president and C.E.O. Marion Smith. “Canada’s truckers are the latest in a long line of freedom fighters peacefully exercising their right to free expression. They should be applauded for a willingness to risk their livelihoods on behalf of liberty—not scorned or labeled ‘racist’ by a government that has lost touch with its people and the science on COVID-19. No mandate, government fiat, or Zoom-addicted bureaucrat should obstruct an individual from their pursuit of voluntary work, and Common Sense Society will support those around the world like the Canadian truckers who refuse to bend the knee in the face of unjust government coercion.”

Common Sense Society (CSS) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that promotes liberty, prosperity, and beauty through education and public discourse. The educational fellowships, curriculum resources, publications, cultural programs, community initiatives, and national campaigns of CSS illuminate the enduring ideas that have transformed the course of human history for the better. CSS does not accept funding from governments or political parties.


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