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Common Sense Society to Sponsor Summit on Classical Education for the Next Generation

January 10, 2022

Event Co-Hosted by Classic Learning Test and Texas Public Policy Foundation in Austin, Texas

WASHINGTON, D.C.Common Sense Society (CSS), a leading international educational network, announced that it will sponsor the 2022 Texas Summit for Classical Education, co-hosted by Classical Learning Test and the Texas Public Policy Foundation. The Summit will provide an opportunity for educators to engage in invigorating discussions about classical education, civics education, legislative policy, innovative models, school leadership development, and the current state of higher education, as well as network with state and national level leaders in the classical education renewal movement.

“We at Common Sense Society are honored to partner with the Classical Learning Test and the Texas Public Policy Foundation in engaging the educational leaders who are spearheading the revival of classical education in Texas and across the country,” said Dr. Murray Bessette, Vice President of Education at Common Sense Society. “For decades, an obsession with novel curricula and pedagogic innovation has resulted in a constant decline in cultural literacy and academic skills among America’s young people. The classical education movement rightly recognizes that the latter are best cultivated by engagement with the Western tradition and by learning the principles that ground liberty, prosperity, and beauty in societies conducive to human flourishing and happiness. We are excited to be a partner in this movement at a critical time in our history.”

You can register to attend the Summit here. Further details below:

WHAT: Two-day educators’ summit with panel discussions on pressing topics, including:

  • Understanding the Roots & Revival of Classical Education
  • The State of Civics Education
  • Supporting the Rise of Classical Education through Public Policy
  • New Classical School Models
  • Leadership Development for Classical School Leaders
  • The Black Intellectual Tradition
  • Recovering the Liberal Arts in Higher Education

WHEN: Thursday, February 17 – Friday, February 18, 2022. The Summit will start at 5:00PM CT with a welcome reception, remarks, and dinner. On Friday, programming will occur from 8:00AM – 5:00PM CT, followed by a closing reception.

WHERE: The Texas Public Policy Foundation – 901 Congress Ave., Austin, Texas 78701

WHO: Featured guests and speakers include:

  • Mr. Michael Barba, policy analyst, Texas Public Policy Foundation
  • Mr. Jason Bedrick, director of policy, EdChoice
  • Dr. Murray Bessette, vice president of education, Common Sense Society
  • Dr. David Bobb, president, Bill of Rights Institute
  • Mr. Paul Boyer, Arizona State Senator
  • Mr. Jason Caros, headmaster, Founders Classical Academy
  • Mr. Eric Cook, president, Society for Classical Learning
  • Mrs. Erika Donalds, president and chief executive officer, Optima Foundation
  • Mr. James Frank, Texas State Representative
  • Dr. Rachel Greb, director of secondary partnerships, Classic Learning Test
  • Dr. Gary Hartenburg, associate professor of philosophy and director of the Honors College, Houston Baptist University
  • Dr. Doug Henry, dean of the honors college, Baylor University
  • Mr. Kurtis Indorf, executive director, Great Hearts Online and Great Hearts Micro-Schools
  • Dr. Rob Jackson, executive director, Institute for Classical Education
  • Dr. Tamara Long, vice president for enrollment management, Abilene Christian University
  • Mr. Davies Owens, executive director, Society for Classical Learning
  • Dr. Angel Adams Parham, associate professor of sociology, Loyola University-New Orleans
  • Dr. Dan Peterson, head of school, Regents School of Austin
  • Dr. Jonathan Pidluzny, vice president of academic affairs, ACTA
  • Dr. Matthew Post, assistant professor of humanities and associate director, University of Dallas
  • Dr. Anika Prather, founder, The Living Water School; resident scholar, Classical Academic Press
  • Dr. Lawrence W. Reed, president emeritus, Foundation for Economic Education
  • Dr. David C. Rose, senior fellow, Common Sense Society
  • Ms. Ellen Schuknecht, director of student and family ministries, Veritas Academy
  • Mr. Greg Sindelar, chief executive officer, Texas Public Policy Foundation
  • Ms. Elizabeth Griffin Smith, assistant vice president of enrollment, University of Dallas
  • Mr. John Snyder, Florida State Representative
  • Mr. Jonathan Teat, vice president for administration and enrollment, Dallas Baptist University
  • Ms. Erin Valdez, policy director, Next Generation Texas
  • Ms. Lucy Vanderlaan, campaign director, Next Generation Texas

Common Sense Society (CSS) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that promotes liberty, prosperity, and beauty through education and public discourse. The educational fellowships, curriculum resources, publications, cultural programs, community initiatives, and national campaigns of CSS illuminate the enduring ideas that have transformed the course of human history for the better. CSS does not accept funding from governments or political parties.


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