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Hong Kong Still Needs America’s Help

June 26, 2019


What’s next for Hong Kong? You can bet that China’s ruler, Xi Jinping, is forming an answer to that question. 

The Chinese Communist Party is smarting from a temporary setback in the troublesome city that long has been a beacon of freedom and prosperity in Asia. Tensions are still simmering in the wake of this month’s peaceful protests, which brought more than 2 million protesters — at least a quarter of Hong Kong’s population —to the city’s streets. Facing public outrage, the city government suspended an extradition bill that would have given China power to ignore Hong Kong’s rule of law. Now pro-democracy leaders are calling for further protests during the G-20. 

At the time of publishing, Marion Smith was executive director of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation.

Originally published in The Hill.

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