Common Sense College Grants

Grant Amount: up to $2,000 

Common Sense Society has hosted hundreds of debates in support of civil discourse since 2011, and now we want to empower college students to do the same. The Common Sense College Grants will award individual grant prizes up to $2,000 to college groups throughout the United States in encouragement of collaboration and open discourse on college campuses. 

Common Sense College Grants challenge two or more organizations who have conflicting perspectives (or disagreements) to come together and host an event that will benefit their shared community. The topic of the event is completely up to participating groups to decide and must be submitted as a proposal in the grant application. In the proposal, groups should clearly explain how they will use the grant money to benefit their clubs or campus. Events can take place during Fall 2021 or Spring 2022.

Need inspiration? Here are some examples of successful grant proposals: 

  • Host an event that will benefit your entire campus, a beautification effort or campus-clean-up initiative.
  • Throw a social for your groups to get to know each other and hear from a respected speaker. (Need recommendations for a speaker? Our team can help.)
  • Host a debate to facilitate a public discussion about your opposing opinions and why civil conversations matter. (Please note if our team can help support with various debate structures.)

Please note: Guidance on the structure of debates or other forensic exercises can be made available upon request, as can speaker recommendations (if relevant). Please submit your request in the “Additional Notes” section of the application or email us directly at


Please include your club’s handle or your personal handle.
Please list all groups, clubs, or teams involved in this proposal.
Please explain your groups’ backgrounds and previous disagreements that you are working to overcome through this grant.
Please provide the name of a professor or faculty member who will oversee usage of your grant.
In 300 words or less, please explain how you would use a grant of up to $2,000* to benefit your shared community. Proposals can be any idea but must revolve around an event or act of service that has a clear plan for benefiting your shared community. Please specify how your clubs would work together to make this happen, and explain the impact you believe it will have.
Please include any other important information. You can also request guidance on your event’s structure or speakers here.

*Common Sense Society will reimburse all expenses for the proposed event. Funds will be reimbursed up to $2,000.

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