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Latest Trump Indictment: This is About Political Lawfare, Not Crime and Punishment

August 15, 2023


The Democratic district attorney of Fulton County, Georgia, indicted former President Donald Trump and 18 “co-conspirators” on 41 racketeering charges on Monday night, kicking off the latest (and, possibly, most dangerous) phase of the national race to derail and imprison the leading Republican candidate for president.

The indictment, announced just sixteen short months before the American presidential election, represents a deadly-serious ramping up of the lawfare Democrats have waged against Trump for over six years now, threatening imprisonment that could not plausibly be pardoned in the lead-up to an election.

The serious consequences potentially facing Trump do not mean that this prosecution isn’t overtly political. Like the other three indictments facing the Republican frontrunner, it’s been plagued by politics from its inception. 

Christopher Bedford is the executive editor of the upcoming magazine, Common Sense. Follow him on Twitter.

Originally published in The Telegraph.

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