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Why it’s Good (and Right) Americans Think the Media are the Biggest Threat to Democracy

October 23, 2022


The military has a saying: “Embrace the suck.” It’s a wake-up call to reality; a directive to toughen up, stop complaining, and get to work. It’s even used with pride by the old heads who have persevered despite the harshness of life.

American corporate media has been garbage for decades, insufferable for years, and outright dangerous in more recent times. Americans aren’t the type to be deceived for long, however, and they know what’s going on. All we crotchety, back-benchers can offer is a pat on the back, and a few words of encouragement: “Embrace the suck.”

Christopher Bedford is the executive editor of the upcoming magazine, Common Sense. Follow him on Twitter.

Originally published in The Federalist.

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